Perspectives of Public Communication in Europe. Public Organisations, Comunicators, Researches

The international conference intends to address the perspectives of public communication in different European countries, stimulating comparison between academics and taking into consideration the professional associations operating in France, Italy, Spain and Belgium.

The aim is to take stock of the models of public communication adopted so far in different countries, the state of the art of this discipline and its professional field (theories, rules, practices, professions).
All this, in order to identify possible development paths that can be shared on an international scale, and lay the groundwork for methodologies and questions to organize the realisation of surveys and the development of a transnational research project.

The conference, bi-located between the University of Rennes 2 in France and the University of Urbino in Italy, is the first meeting between the researchers involved in the international research “Scope of the Franco- European model of public communication”.


Dominique Bessières, University of Rennes II
Gea Ducci, University of Urbino Carlo Bo
with the collaboration of :
Camilla Folena, Phd student, University of Urbino Carlo Bo Chaimae Laaribi, Phd student, University of Rennes II