Academia Europaea Wroclaw Knowledge Hub
Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin, Institute of Social Communication and Media Science
University of Wroclaw, Institute of International Studies

invite for submissions to the

Session 2: Presentation of media and communication research projects

during the

Conference Media (&) Life After/During Covid-19 Pandemic

which will be held online

on 26 October 2020.

In view of the situation in which researchers found themselves almost all over the world – cancellation of many academic events and, at the same time, the new challenges posed by the academy and the current epidemic – we decided to meet the current needs and invite media and communication researchers to participate in the discussion on the present and future of communication and media studies in the face of the pandemic.

We would like to ask important questions and start a discussion on topics that are dynamically emerging. Among them there are questions such as: What are the biggest challenges in research in the field of media and communication studies posed by the current pandemic? What will it probably bring? What has already changed in our studies, projects and research practice? Which important topics are emerging in media and communication studies in relation to the pandemic and its consequences? What kind of ethical challenges and dilemmas will we face? In media and communication studies, as in science: can we expect a change in the distribution model of research results, e.g. growing role of the publications outside the peer review model and a long-term publishing process? Are application projects – constructed ad hoc for the so-called social good – becoming more important now than ever? What are the other changes that have already taken place and/or should take place, and how should we possibly direct them?

The conference will consist of two parts: Session 1: Experts debate and Session 2: Presentation of media and communication research projects

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